HandPieces Notes & Maintance

Professionally used by dentists as cutting tools for drilling or grinding teeth.
[Notes & Cautions]
● Ensure that dental handpiece are only used for oral prevention and treatment, any other use is strictly forbidden.
● Please carefully to use dental handpiece to avoid injury and infection.
● Only to be used by a qualified dental practitioner.
● Before using, please check bur and function of the chuck at outside of oral cavity of patients, if loose, too much vibration, irregular noise or too much heating up etc,please do not carry on.
● If any unusual cases occurred, please stop and contact our authorized office.
● The damaged cartridge may result in high noise, long time suing will lead to  negative influence.
● Please use standard bur. The bent, damaged, flawed and not standard bur may result in “BUR-WALK-OUT “ or injure accident.
● Using not standard bur result in damage to the dental handpiece too.
● Please keep chuck cleaning. If the contaminant or foreign particles get inside, it may cause vibration, weak chucking power or other abnormalities.
● Please drain air compressor every day to ensure dental handpiece operation well.
● Ensure to use bur in the right speed rotation and correct bur type which stated in the manufacturer instructions.
● Please remove bur from handpiece when finish treatment to avoid injure and infection.
● Do not insert or remove bur while the bur is rotating.
● Forbidding disassembling or refit.
● Avoiding crash and drop.
● Autoclave the dental handpiece before the first use for 12 min at 135℃.

After using,Please follow the instruction to sterilize the handpiece:
1 extract the bur from the handpiece,use the soft brush to clean the dirt and wash with disinfection of alcohol cotton.
2 lubricate the handpiece,pour two drops into air tube one time.
3 wrap it with sterilization package and mark.

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